Is This Wonderland Real?

You can’t experience it all somebody told me.
You won’t be successful this way,
jumping from hobby to hobby.

Got to find purpose in what you’re trying to achieve
I was dumb and mute, no form of
armories of words to proceed.

Then I wander with my ponderous mind,
how could I choose in life
when everything I did is magical;
it leads me to where I need to be.

The drivers have a collection of stories,
the man by the sea sings of the waves.
And the rabbit knows which foot to put in the hole.

Is success all that we have to be fighting for?
Just a world for the elite?
If it’s true, how is it possible that I don’t know
where I’m heading to?

Lost, I still am. But I know my choice,
betray my will, I can’t. I can’t
when life makes me Alice, in this wonderland.


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