I hold my hands, and pray.
For eternity, i pray not.
For great fortune, i pray not.
For transcending, i pray not.

I hold my hands, silently imagining that I could feel your warmth.
or perhaps I did feel your presence a little real.
I pray and you stay
to hear what i have to say.

I pray, for the wealth of the earth,
the abundance of the sea,
the steadfastness of a dog,
the affection of a pig,
the playfulness of a dolphin,
the strength of an eagle,
the serenity of a whale and
the rapport of a wolf.

Then, you come close to me, your hands atop of mine.
For all I pray is true, and would stay,
but only if human awakes to compassion each day.

They all say they be faithful servants but they don’t do pass the label.
They deny and desecrate god, in order to live in their ways of gluttony.
He preaches that all is the creation of the Supreme
and all is one and equal.
But yet, they believe on their dominance over all creatures,
they concur, because it sounds ego-fulfilling.
Sexuality, gender, races, religions, and species differences
all make a sound reason for their violent acts.

Because the others don’t follow in the one true path,
towards the love of god, so the others should be punished.
So they torture the other beings,
especially those who look remotely from the “higher” human beings.

All is one and equal is just a fallacy.
They crave for connection with the Supreme
yet feast and indulge in the carcasses of beings,
who are too created with love and dedication from
the same hand they profess to love.

And they, with their chest cock and belly full, surely
would tell you that this is not blasphemy, but a God’s gift.


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