A Quiet Revolution Towards Sustainability

sproutIf there is one thing that I have always wanted to do but not get my hands on yet, that would be farming. The living condition in Singapore is not always conducive for such activities. I do not have a backyard, all I have (and it is not really mine to start with) is a humble stretch of corridor that people seldoms use. My father has been using this stretch of walkway to plant medicinal herbs. The pots of plants stretch well over 5 meters. Finally, I decide to ask for a little space on the corridor to do my own farming.

First thing, germinating the seed. One thing that I learn from being a vegan is the art of sprouting – soak the seeds overnight. The photo above is day 3 of sprouting sesame seed. I throw in some barley, only to realise today that some types of barley requires cold temperature to germinate. Once I transfer the sesame seedlings to individual containers recycled from egg cartons, I’m going to germinate the barley in the fridge.  Just simple farming methods to see what work and not.

I’m excited to be embarking on this new green revolution. I have inserted parsley and spring onions root into my box of soil and they seem to be growing quite fast. I’ll post more photos in a few days.


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