What Can A HDB Farming Produce?

gardening box

planting the head of xiao bai cai, which would otherwise be thrown away

planting the head of xiao bai cai, which would otherwise be thrown away

When I first propose the idea of growing our own food at my house, people think that it is one of my crazy ideas. To be honest, I am not sure how it would turn out because there is not a lot of sunlight that would reach the corridor. But I know people who have done it before me so it must be possible. Thanks to the blogosphere, I could retrieve valuable information and learn from experienced HDB gardeners. Blogs like Generation Green, Composting In Singapore and Ms Green Fingers are very useful to explore the gems of gardening and the types of vegetables to grow.

gardening box 2After 4 months of gardening, carelessly tending to my plants and seemingly haphazardly throwing seeds into the soil, I am proud to present to you photos my produce and the growth of my plants. However, do not expect neat rows of vegetables because I believe in creating a diversified population. Well, actually I just prefer a low maintenance gardening plot and am very much inspired by Masanobu Fukuoka‘s idea of natural farming (a.k.a do-nothing farming). Of course, I tweak a little of his philosophy to accomodate it into HDB farming. In my garden, I do nothing except for sowing the seeds, watering the plants, feeding the plants with compost and staring at my plants, hoping they would receive my telepathic message for them to grow faster. As always, I would look for the easy way to do things.

And my easy gardening method works, for some vegetables at least. My first vegetable harvest is sweet potato leaves, follow by xiao bai cai.

sweet potato leaves

sweet potato leaves

xiao bai cai harvest

xiao bai cai

chilli flower







Currently in my garden, my soon-to-harvest plant include basil, chilli and spring onion.

spring onion

spring onion

There are a lot more plants that are growing all over the place in my garden and hopefully in time, I would be able to show it to you when they are nearer to harvesting time. It’s easy to set up a box of soil and sow the seeds. They require next to no-effort to maintain. Some would die, but many would thrive. If you are an avid HDB farmer, do share photos of your harvest too and post a link here. You never know, you might just inspire the next wave of HDB farmer 😀




14 thoughts on “What Can A HDB Farming Produce?

  1. Wow… The head of xiao bai cais can be replanted into soilm and it will grow into new crops of xbc again? It would be amazing if you would write some veggie-specific tips/tutorials next, for gardening noobs like me. Thank you, Wing!
    – Evon

  2. Hello Evon, nice to hear from you 😀 I myself am no expert too, hahah. for one, i make a really bad mistake in my gardening and attracted a lot of flies, but their population has more or less be under control. i just decide to experiment with the vegetables scrap at home to see what happen. this link might help. http://wakeup-world.com/2012/10/15/16-foods-thatll-re-grow-from-kitchen-scraps/ but yea, i’ll be sharing more about my gardening. Usually I just plant them and see what happens. sometimes they rot, sometimes they grow, hahah. But I always say, nothing is wasted as those that rot would become food for the crops. just make sure to cover the rotted crops so as not to attract flies 😀

    cheers, wing

      • Totally agree with you. My friend always brings us the bananas that his uncle grows in his garden..they tasted much better than those bought in the market.

        Have a great day ahead, always~ Cheers!! 😀

        • OMG!! you’re so lucky! banana trees. i would love to grow some fruit trees. but it isn’t so feasible in HDB XP yea. i’m waiting for my tomatoes to fruit. somebody told me freshly picked tomatoes is so sweet and juicy.

          have a great day too 😀

          • The thing is that I’ve never know that there are seeds inside banana only after I’ve ate those grown in Singapore…pretty interesting but after eating seedless bananas all my life, it felt quite funny to bite into those very hard seeds…LOL…

            Wow…Tomatoes huh? I love tomatoes…all the best with your harvest, my friend!

            Cheers!! 😀

  3. i tried using the base of the xiao bay chai to grow in my pots. But it will slow die after a while. Some leaves will grow for a while, then it stopped. Then it soon starts to decline and it died. Any ideas? I water them daily. Any notes on how to grow and care for them?

  4. Hi, I would like to enquire more on planting of fruits from you, issit possible for u to let me knoe your email address so I can send in my queries? 🙂 Hope to hear from u soon!

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