A Love Letter To Myself

myselfDear Wing,

How are you feeling today? Hope you are doing fine. It might appear sudden for me to write you this letter but I have so many things that I wish to tell you, so please hear me out. I have known you for 23 years, but you still mean a lot to me. We are going into 2014, a new year soon and I look forward to spending it beautifully with you. I hope you are as excited as I am. I see what you have done over the years, and I’m proud of you.

I know that you probably think that you are nothing great, just a simple person but you are just exactly who you need to be. If I could imagine you to be a lady in the Victorian Era, you would be someone who dresses as a horse groomer even if that is not neccessary what you do for a living. You would pull it off with knee high boots and black vest over a slightly off-white shirt with your long hair bun in a gray cloth sports cap. You could walk in the woods for hours regardless of the season in your attire. Most of the times, you would walk alone and some unusual times, you would grab a friend or two to hang out in your secret hide out. You don’t really need the company, but you feel bad about hiding such a wonderful place to yourself. You love the squirrels that scatter after the acorns, and you could be mesmerized starring at the clouds when it is not too sunny. If you carry a book with you to your hideout, you would be gone in the story plot for hours till you couldn’t even hear the birds around you.

You are unique in your own ways, always living your life with passion. Even when everyone else would disagree, you hold to your belief. Then again, you are flexible to change your decisions for the best of the moment. Nobody could really understand you and your way of working. You are amazing to me, young, intelligent, beautiful and kind. Now, before you scorn off everything that I have said, I said it from the bottom of my heart. Right now, at this moment, I wish I could hug you close to make you understand. I wish to said that during moments when you are not feeling alright, although you are always smiling, I’m here for you. I wouldn’t leave too far away from you, for you are the love of my life.

But I also wish to tell you, love, the truth about your life. I wish to let you know that it is okay to show that you wish to take a break. It is not a sign of helplessness, it is just the way we all are. Some things we are good at it, and certain things would take us ages to figure out. You don’t have to do all the things alone, you don’t have to carry the burden of your stories alone. You are someone filled with love, but sometimes you have to learn to be a little more realistic. Be bold, and have the courage to admit that you have been wrong or that you couldn’t carry on anymore and wish to take a break from this crazy world. It pains me to see that you push yourself so hard sometimes, getting involved in things all over the world. Still, you always wish for just a little bit more achievement. I know that deep inside you, you still reprimand yourself about how worthless you are. And the orphan tears at night, you know, someday it would be alright. But trust me, even at this moment, everything is fine and you are just where you need to be. Life is a journey which nobody have the right answers for. Take some time to enjoy this trip, relish in the happy moments in your life and learn from the disappointment that you encounter. You’ll be fine, and I would always be here for you.



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