1 Easy Way To Grow Spinach

spinach box
Recently, I come across a bag of organic spinach seedlings with roots intact, at Nature’s Glory. With all the plant propagation information in my mind, I couldn’t resist not getting a go at planting them. And what’s more, a bag is only selling for $2.50. It’s a bargain! There is no harm in trying to plant them, I don’t lose an arm buying that bag. After a few weeks, it seems like I have made a right choice. My spinach are growing, so I am going to share the steps to planting these spinach seedlings.
bag of spinach

Step 1: Soak the spinach seedlings roots in water overnight
This step is optional since we are not rooting the plants here. But I’m guessing that by soaking the spinach seedlings’ roots, it would really give help them to “wake up” the cells of the roots and rejuvenate the seedlings. And yes, I come up with this theory and really have no science to back it up.

Step 2: Trim the leaves off the seedlings
I trim most of the leaves off the seedlings, leaving only the youngest leavesspinach trim close up spinach trim(trivial: also called primordial leaves) and one or two leaves at the top. Actually, you could just plant the whole seedling in but you won’t have any leaves to cook! Now, if you trim away some leaves, you would have enough of them for your spinach smoothie, or spinach stir fry while waiting for your spinach seedling to grow up fine. If for some unfortunate reasons, your seedlings need not take off from your tender thumbing, you will at least have some leaves to eat.

Step 3: Prepare your plot and plant away joyfully
Your seedlings are ready for planting. I find that planting them in a styrofoam box, which you could just grab off any supermarket, is the best method. Plant them along with some nitrogen fixing plants, i.e. legumes, peanuts, clovers, because spinach are hungry plants and demand to be fed well. Plant your spinach seedlings so that they are comfortably apart. I’m not going to give you an definite measurement because I believe you are not going to take a ruler when you are planting. You will know if you have greedily planted them too close to each other (as observe in the top picture, I admit that I’m greedy) if you see the leaves overlapping each other too much. If that is the case, you can always pluck some of them off. Circulation and sufficient nutrients are very important for strong growth in plant, so make sure you don’t make your plants suffer the same fate as me each time I step into an MRT during the peak hours. Bad analogy, but anyway, you get the drift, plants, are like human in this aspect, they do not like to be packed closely together without sufficient breathing space. Anybody second that?

Anyway, that’s it, this is the end of tutorial of how you could plant spinach easily. What are you waiting for? Go and have fun planting away šŸ˜€


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