How To Grow Mint From Cuttings

I love mint. I could use it in tea, stir-fry and soup. The benefits of mint includes promoting digestion and containing potent antioxidant. Coming back home from a tired day of work, to the smell of mint always make me feel a little better. It is one of the easiest herbs to kick start your garden. So, starting off with them will give you a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

Step 1: Prepare your container
Always plant mint in a container. If you want to plant your mint on the ground, always grow it in a container and bury the container in the ground. Mint is a very invasive plant and will spread in your garden like wildfire. Mint self-pollinate by sending runners. As the term implies, these runners run underground and send roots upwards and they are given the arduous mission of world domination. So never plant a mint, uncontained on the ground. Defy at your own peril.

Step 2: Prepare your cuttings
cutting trimmingI just buy mint from markets as my cuttings and they grow really well. Trim most of the leaves off the mint so that they could use the energy to create roots. Although I suspect mint,  being such a vigorous plant, has no problem managing the demands of the leaves and growing roots at the same time. Trim the bottom close to the node, i.e. the place where a branch shoot up. The roots will grow from the nodes.

Step 3: Soak for roots or plant immediately
You can soak the mint until they form roots before planting them. Otherwise, you can do it like what I always do, just plant them directly into the container of soil. (Yes, it is very important to grow them in the container.) Just make sure you water them frequently to keep them from drying out. Even if they have dried out, do not be too quick to pluck them off your pot. I have seen completely dried-up mint plant sending new shoots after remaining “dead” for a long time.

Additional tips:
Trim your plant so that it will become bushier.
Give it some sunlight. I grow them in partial sunlight, direct sunlight, and they seem to do well in both. When your goal is world domination, you learn to adapt well to any conditions.


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