Yoga At Work: Investing In Employees’ Well-Being


Original image from Marsmett Tallahassee

In any business, it is vital for the organisation to have motivated and productive employees. Here are some statistics that should be considered by Human Resource when taking into account of how one could provide better welfare for the employees.

3 in 10 Singaporeans lose sleep over work-related issues.

7 in 10 employees perform better at work when they work out or play sport

A good physical lifestyle and mental health would reduce stress and improve the productivity of employees.

The Health Promotion Board has recgonised the significance in encouraging a healthy lifestyle in workplace, thus they have offered Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) Grant, a funding scheme to help organisations start and sustain their workplace health programmes.

Here is the infographic (the statistics are based on studies in America, but it could also be applied to Singapore context) on why providing yoga to employees is a wise decision.

Yoga for Employees
Courtesy of: Workout Trends

If you wish to collaborate with me, a RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher by Yoga Alliance, an international body that recognised teachers who meet the minimum requirements), to bring in a natural and holistic solution to prevalent issues in the workplace,contact me at Let’s work together for a more conducive workplace environment in Singapore.

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