Bellydance: The Beats Of My Soul


Image from wetribe

Thump, thump, thump.
Drop, drop, drop.
Step, step, spin. Shoulder, shoulder, shoulder.
Hips push and maya.
Be a serpentine, belly rolls, undulations.

Common language that the belly dancers speak,
in motions and beats.
Energy flowing through, from our soul to our limbs.
Electrifying from the beats,
like a puppet on the string.
Pinocchio finds a way, to make his wish come true,
free to roam and test the boundaries.

The magic comes when the music plays,
as if our body are made from fixtures
Muscles seemingly separate from the next,
but still moving in harmony.
To tell a story perhaps, to show emotions,
or simply to express the creative self.

Donned in bra and skirt,
with accessories down the arms
and neck. A moment on stage,
this is when we are set ablaze.
Mark of my soul,
into eternity, entwining
with the beats.


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