Young, Wild And Free

young and free

Image from Lina Hayes

Oh, lovely twenty four,
what a pretty face you have.
But for what it’s worth,
do you have the slightest clue?
With dreams beyond current means,
you speak with such naivety.
Love unbound.

You go on reasoning.
All should be set for great destiny,
but most choose to reject change.
They have set off so, to succumb.
Isn’t there a famous saying,
“Many people die at twenty five,
and aren’t buried
until they are seventy five”?

Actions fuel with desire,
like a baseball onwards homerun.
Far beyond, as all hold their breath.
Still on the field, scores are always running.
Maybe this will be the big strike,
more than a tie, towards a win, a trophy perhaps.

This twenty four, will she ever learn to win?
Dreams and persistence keeping her alive.
But funnily, she never feel hungry for success,
a bit too less for her circumstance.
Is that why she is sinking?
Still, happy, almost her only motive,
disregarding disdain.
Isn’t life purpose to be happy?
To be free, truly free?
Every day, messages and ideas
of extremities mix. Would we ever find a certain cure
for such obsessive sword fight of the mind?
Would people few hundred years later, laugh at us for our
desire of fatalities
as we busy ourselves to dust.

Like the iron curtain,
we all try to escape from such tyranny.
Hear us in agony. Escape, escape.
Every day, plot and dream.
But most of us do is only scream.

Young and idealistic, maybe,
dreams are not so far beyond,
not segregated by tough invisibility.
Obstacles, it is, to split opportunity seekers from the die-hard,
merely so.

The only thing to change is ‘I’.
And perhaps from there, from all this being
of soul radiance, people feel the vibrations
and start climbing the wall,
not beyond their means,
regardless fears.

Go forth, warrior, for the fight of life and living.


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