Who Is Wing?

wingA girl born in 1990 on the sunny sunny sunny island, known as Singapore. She is born not ridiculously smart but enough to get her throughΒ  to polytechnic. Everyone thinks that she is going to do well in her life until, one day, she realise she didn’t want to do what everybody else is doing. She wants to pursue her dreams, which at that point of that, means to travel. She has done it, she visited Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Tonga. After her return to the sunny island, she couldn’t really quite get back to where the society left her. She writes to make everything comprehensible. So here she is, trip out of the comfort wagon, documenting her life’s pursuit.

She is a yoga teacher. She teaches mindful yoga practices, yoga for dancers, yoga for old age and the list is endless. Her school, Svastha Yoga emphasises on wellness through a holistic yoga approach, thus she can design a yoga practice for anyone for any purpose, as long as it is reasonable. She is a also proud slave of 2 gardens, a goodwill garden (derived from the term guerrilla garden) around her place and a pilot garden of her Garden Nom Norm initiative at World Peace Cafe. Her current dreams are to travel around the South East Asia before she turns 25, learn tribal fusion belly dance, share about living sustainably and move back to New Zealand. In the meantime, she would try her best to make her life as fulfilling as the sunny island allows her.

If you do see her on the street, don’t hesistate to say hi. She does talk to strangers πŸ˜€

If you have something to tell her, feel free to contact her via email, puahhuiying@gmail.com

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21 thoughts on “Who Is Wing?

  1. Wing, Thanks so much for following my blog. I really love your authenticity and look forward to reading about how your journey towards being a yoga teacher unfolds. I myself have had a long journey but always remember you are exactly where you need to be! xo Betty

    • Hello Betty, thank you for dropping by my blog and the encouragement. Yes I’m sure the journey will unfold as it would. I’m glad that yoga has came into my life πŸ˜€

    • Thank you for your kind words. Yea, do check it out, I just go down today, and some of the plants are looking quite well established. and the butterflies are enjoying my sugarcane πŸ˜€

    • Thank you for visiting my blog. There is a very nice vegetarian cafe that I volunteer at, it’s call World Peace Cafe at Neil Road. Few of the cool relaxed place in Singapore:D

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