Yoga Styles

Donation-based Yoga
Attention tree huggers! Outdoor, back to nature yoga intended to celebrate the connection between us and the nature. If sun, trees, grass, blue sky, butterflies and yoga is your perfect kind of weekend, come and join us. Although it is said this is donation-based and you could give from your heart, but a suggested donation of $10 is deeply appreciated. Anything less or more will also be received with gratitude. I don’t believe in giving things for free (but you know, I can’t really help it if you really want to come for free) and I also don’t believe in giving yoga lessons to the privileged, so the same rules apply, based on one’s income, bartering is allowed. I always need hands for gardening and sometimes, I’m too lazy to cook my own meal or go to the market, get the drift?

Private Yoga
Wish to take yoga class in a one-to-one ratio? Do you have existing concerns that would prevent you from taking group classes? Or do you simply want to have a personal practice structured out to meet your own needs? Contact me at for my rates. I firmly believe that yoga shouldn’t be only practiced by the rich and beautiful, so based on one’s income, I might just accept bartering. I am putting faith in that you would not exploit this system.

Corporate Yoga
Want to hire me to teach yoga lesson at your company? Yoga is beneficial to the working class as it will increase focus, which if channel correctly, will help to improve productivity. Yoga helps to destress and build mental strength. In corporate yoga, I would tailor the yoga practice for group practices to improve your focus, destress and strengthen your mind through movement and sound.

Disclaimer: Yoga is a beautiful practice that is available to everyone. However, yoga is meant to be complemetary and not a replacement to conventional medicine. If you have any existing pains, injuries or medical conditions and are in doubts, please consult your physician. And always highlight the issues to the yoga teacher (any yoga teacher you take lessons with), so that the yoga teacher could include modifications or direct you to another yoga teacher who is more experienced.


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